Timothy Woodard, M.A.
Timothy Woodard, M.A.
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Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Book Recommendation

October 15, 2022 Security

October is national Cybersecurity Awareness Month in the United States. One of the many challenges that cybersecurity practitioners face is convincing the skeptics that cybersecurity is important and that anyone can become a target. I can think of a few skeptics in my life who need a little more prodding in the right direction. Maybe a good book that’s both entertaining and informative can help guide them.

Kevin Mitnick, once known as the “World’s Most Famous Hacker,” now runs a cybersecurity firm. Part of his goal now is to educate people about cybersecurity and the risks that are out there. One of his books, titled The Art of Invisibility, does just that in an informative and non-technical way. The book is entertaining, but also gives just enough information to grab your attention and get your mental gears turning about your own security practices.

While the book may cover some known topics for those technically proficient in cybersecurity, it is certainly a good read for the skeptics in your life. We can all do a better job at reducing our own attack surface and having better online security habits. Maybe this book is just what it takes to spark that interest in someone.

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